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Tonics Paddock Boots, 8.5 Brown

Tonics Paddock Boots, 8.5 Brown

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Equipped with the Advanced Sports Technology (AST) presents tonics with "Stardust" an ankle boot, thanks to the combination of laces and zippers having an elegant appearance. Racked areas of the shoe will be protected by a front and rear cap protection. In addition, increases the innovative abrasion protection on the outside of the life of the Boot.
### Product information:
- European leather
- Lining in calf leather
- Indoor and midsole provide comfort and stability
- Elastic laces to improve the wearability
- Protection: resistant abrasion protection on the outside
- Front and rear protective cap protection
- Abrasion-resistant, non-slip and non-marking outsole
- Available in the following colors: black

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