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Mattes Platinum

Mattes Platinum Dressage Pad, black

Mattes Platinum Dressage Pad, black

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With eye-catching lambskin trim, for a variety of riding styles and available in a range of sizes. This saddle pad has been one of Mattes most successful and popular products for years.
- MATTES uses high quality cotton/polyester blend quilted fabric.
- Mattes SPINEFREE design reliably prevents any pressure around the withers and spine. The secure SADDLE-FIX system allows the top seam of the saddle pad to be attached comfortably in the gullet of the saddle.
- The core of the saddle pad is made of two layers: POLY-FLEX (a deep-needled polyester felt) is used to maintain the shape and spread the pressure, while polyester wadding provides padding. We completely avoid foam, neoprene or gel, making the whole pad breathable.

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