Consignment FAQ

Do I need an appointment?

Are you bringing 10 items or more?

Yes, you need an appointment. 

Are you bringing 10 items or less?

No, just stop by any day we're open between the hours of 1 pm and 5 pm. Yes, we are open from 12-6, but this gives us time to put your items away promptly.


Do I need to make a list of items I'm dropping off?

You definitely don't HAVE to, but it is encouraged. It makes the intake process a lot easier, just so we have a physical piece of paper to mark things off as we go and can take a picture and screenshot of anything we can't accept to send back to you. 

Can I price my own items?

You are welcome to enter your items in under the Consignment Portal! Be sure to put all of the relevant information as well and submit them. The items will be assed in batches once received and processed with tags once dropped off and immediately put on the website with pictures.

We are always happy to try and get you what you want price wise, however please remember that we are a USED tack shop. We aren't a thrift store with super cheap prices, but try to make owning and riding horses affordable... whether it be half off on a gently used bridle or a total steal you just have to spiff up!

Submit your pricing on items through the Consignor Portal – Re-Ride Tack Shop (


One Question I get asked the most is... "So what the jist?"... Well here ya go!

1) Saddles are 65(you)/35(store) and everything else is 50/50.

2) Checks are not printed on demand. You must request a check. Sometimes it takes a few weeks or even months. It all depends on the store's CASH FLOW. Some weeks we are banging with sales and then the following weeks are extremely slow. *PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND BEFORE CONSIGNING*

3) By using your Store Credit in store ***(OR COMING SOON - ONLINE)*** You get rewarded with an extra 20% store credit towards your purchase! That makes it a Consignor Split of 85(you)/15(store) for saddles and 70(you)/30(store) for everything else!

4) We do payouts on Saturdays. All of our Checks are now printed through Square which are directly connected to our Sales Account. Square Checks can also be emailed via pdf! Zelle and Cash App are also available right now. 

5) You are welcome to pick up your items at any time, however, if you would like us to pull them, please give us adequate notice to do so. A week heads up would be fantastic! 

6) You sold my item? You got paid! So where's my money? - ANY AND ALL SALES DURING THE WEEK GO TO COVER PAYMENTS: WHETHER IT BE RENT, ELECTRIC, OR CONSIGNOR ACCOUNTS THAT HAVE REQUESTED A CHECK. We start each and every week fresh at $0 every Tuesday. 

7) The best way to reach out is through the Chat Bubble on the bottom right-hand of the page! Yes, we have facebook, text, etc but check out the FAQ right there or I will be happy to respond through the app! It keeps everything well organized, so I am not filtering through different apps, cell phones, or messages and emails.

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